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Better than Air:

Solid-Air Multilayer for Thermal Insulation

  • Invented low cost and resilient ultra-thermal insulation technology based on solid-air multilayer structure

  • Achieved better-than-air robust thermal insulation with free-standing and nano-patterned nanofilms based meta-structure

  • Initiated the idea of utilizing electrical repulsion force to suspend thousands of layers of nanofilms

  • Conducted kinds of thermal transfer, mechanical, optical measurements

  • Realized precise surface potential control of dielectric materials; manufactured triboelectrification based energy harvesters


Advanced Packaging Technology

for Harsh Environment and

Flexible Electronics

  • Invented the idea of utilizing bimetallic nanoparticles to realize low temperature interconnection of high temperature survival 3rd generation electronics

  • Realized phase transition induced nanocrystallization of bi-metallic at atomic level with in situ TEM, overcame the brittleness of the bulk by inverse Hall-Petch phenomenon, which is revolutionary in metallography

  • Realized interconnect of SiC MOSFET devices with high conductance and reliability

  • Developed universal solder for interconnection and packaging of optical devices for NASA


Ultra-Fast R2R Printing of Highly-Sensitive Skin-Like Multifunctional Flexible Sensors

  • Developed ultra-fast R2R mass production technology for flexible and high performance skin-like sensors

  • Synthesized graphene, CNT, Ag NWs, thermal/light sensitive nanomaterials as sensing components

  • Patterned various kinds of functional nanomaterials on the skin-like substrate for multi-functionalization 

  • Realized simultaneous monitoring of strain/stress, temperature, humidity, and light within one sensor

  • Conducted human motion/health monitoring, skin-like sensing and ear-drum mimicking


In situ Manufacturing of High-performance Structural Components

in Space and on Earth

  • Realized in situ additive manufacturing of ultra-strong Martian bricks without utilizing artificial additives

  • Manufactured ultralow-binder-content high-performance Lunar cement through additive manufacturing

  • Transferred the in situ space manufacturing concept back on earth and developed ultralow-binder-content green cement to reduce CO2 emission and construction energy consumption

  • Initiated the idea of compositing wasted carbon into green cement to realize recycle and waste mitigation


Reversible and Adaptive Smart Textiles for Personalized Thermoregulation

  • Overcame the problem of lack of sensitivity or reversibility of conventional temperature responsive materials

  • Realized personalized thermoregulation by automatic and reversible human perspiration control

  • Designed various smart 3D textile structures to adapt to different climate and reduce energy consumption

  • Reduced the energy consumption of buildings

​Efficient disinfection solutions to combat PPE and disinfectant shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic (NSF RAPID)

  • COVID-19 pandemic has led to extreme shortage of masks
  • Filtration efficiency of masks deteriorates after times of reuse, loss of electrostatic charges is one of the major reasons
  • Our technology can disinfect and recharge masks simultaneously
  • Achieved controllable disinfection log reduction from 1 to 6
  • Can fully recharge masks, N95 masks keep filtration efficiency ~95% after 15 times of treatment
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