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Journal Articles

  1. S Narayanan, X Wang, J Paul, V Paley, Z Weng, L Ye*, Y Zhong*. Disinfection and electrostatic recovery of N95 respirators by corona discharge for safe reuse. Environmental Science & Technology. Accepted.

  2. L Wang, R Kou, Z Shang, Z Weng, C Zhu, Y Zhong*. Corona-enabled electrostatic printing (CEP) for ultra-fast manufacturing of binder-free multifunctional e-skins. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Accepted. (Supplementary Cover)

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Conference Papers

  1. L Wang, R Kou, Y Zhong*. Graphene-based sensing skins manufactured by scalable and controllable assembly. The 70th Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 2020: 685-689.

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Book Chapter

  1. R Kou, Y Zhong. Sustaining old infrastructures with advanced window retrofitting technologies. Sustainable Engineering for Life Tomorrow. Rowman & Littlefield, 2020.


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