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Funded Ph.D. student position openings at University of South Florida


University of South Florida

College of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Location: Tampa, FL

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

PI contact: Dr. Sarah (Ying) Zhong (yingzhong@usf.edu)


Job Description

The USF GREEN Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida is seeking two highly motivated and skilled Ph.D. students who have solid background in additive manufacturing, polymer science, cell biology, and neuroscience. The USF GREEN Lab is interested in advanced manufacturing techniques for applications in energy efficiency and healthcare, with the target as benefiting the society and the public with the power of science. The research directions in the USF GREEN Lab include: 1) advanced manufacturing of functional devices and 3D structures, 2) energy harvesting and saving solutions, 3) environmental-friendly disinfection techniques. The USF GREEN Lab is funded by NSF and USF. Our research achievements have drawn significant attention from the media. We have close collaborations with excellent researchers in multiple fields, including bioengineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, machine learning, civil engineering, and more. The diverse research team is energetic, motivating, and friendly for scientific growth to adopt an independent and successful career. Lab members are always encouraged to develop their own ideas in a supportive and collaborative setting.

(We also have postdoc position opening in related field.)


  • Master or Bachelor degree with background in mechanical engineering, material science, additive manufacturing, polymer science, cell biology, and neuroscience.

  • Capable of conducting research and lead/manage project independently.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English with good organizational and analytical abilities.

  • Individuals with experience in additive manufacturing or stem cell differentiation will be given preference.

  • Experience in neuroscience will be a plus.

  • Meet USF graduate student requirements.

  • Start semester: Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.



Candidates who meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply. Please email a detailed CV (include GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores), personal statement, transcripts, and contact information for 3 references to Dr. Sarah (Ying) Zhong (yingzhong@usf.edu).

The lab website is www.usfgreen.com.


The PI:

Dr. Sarah (Ying) Zhong obtained her Ph.D. degree from University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in 2017. After that, she continued her research at UCSD as a postdoctoral researcher. She joined USF as an assistant professor in 2019. She has secured two NSF grants and two internal grants within the first two years working at USF. Her research has been published and highlighted as supplementary cover by multiple top journals and reported intensively by media press. Related journals include Environmental Science & Engineering, Acta Materialia, Small, Energy Conversion & Management, ACS Applied Materials & Interface, Materials Research Letters, Applied Physics Letters, etc.


University of South Florida:

USF is the fastest-rising university in America, according to U.S. News and World Report’s (U.S. News) 2021 Best Colleges rankings. Over the past 10 years, USF has risen 78 spots among all universities and 54 spots among public universities, more than any other university in the country. This is the second consecutive year USF is among the top 50 public universities in the nation, according to U.S. News. USF is situated in the vibrant and diverse Tampa Bay region, with campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. Together, USF campuses serve more than 50,000 students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, specialist, and professional degrees. With 123 new U.S. utility patents granted in 2020, USF is eighth among American public research universities and 15th among all universities worldwide in generating new patents. The ranking places USF as a leader among the more than 1,000 academic institutions generating new, novel, and useful inventions granted intellectual property protection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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