May 12

Our COVID-19 research featured in 83 Degrees Media: "Face Mask 101: USF researcher shares best mask-wearing practices"

May 09

May 07

Apr 29

Apr 27

Mar 06

Feb 25

Sriram passed his qualifying exam and became a Ph.D. candidate. Congrats! 

Our COVID-19 research project featured in Bay News 9! Go GREEN!

GREEN Lab receives a 24,999$ funding from USF Rapid Response Grant for "Sterilization Mechanism using Corona Discharge for Masks and Environment to Combat COVID-19"

COVID-19: GREEN Lab is collaborating with Dr. Ye (Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology) to develop corona discharge based sterilization methods for reusing N95 masks. 

Dr. Zhong Featured in the cover of TMS 2020 - San Diego


Nov 27

Thanksgiving dinner with the group!

Nov 26

Wedding gift to Sarah

Feb 25

JABIL manufacturing lead Carlo gives an invited talk to the group. 

May 18

Joint proposal with GREEN lab and Ye Lab receives NSF RAPID funding to develop "Sterilization Mechanism of Corona Discharge for Masks and Environment"! 

May 26

USF Newsroom features our COVID-19 collaborative research efforts. 

May 28

Our COVID-19 research project funded by NSF is featured in Channel 8 News! Go GREEN!

Sept 10

GREEN lab welcomes new undergrads Karissa, Patrick and Kelsey! 

Sept 11

Short informational video regarding safe mask reuse. (Developed by GREEN lab and USF media group as part of NSF RAPID fund)

Oct 27

Video series developed by GREEN lab on best practices for safe reuse of masks.


Feb 23

USF Research & Innovation communications featured a short story on each of the 10 projects presented for COVID-19 round 1 grants. Read the full story here

Jul 30

It has come to our notice that companies like SpaceAir FO are advertising disinfection products by falsely claiming  its effectives based on our 2020 COVID -19 USF news report regarding the mask disinfection tech developed solely and independently by USF GREEN lab. (Facebook ad here: https://www.facebook.com/Space-Air-Fo-104818501290843/photos/pcb.316119543494070/316119160160775)


We would like to clarify that this is our patent pending technology. We have no collaboration with this company. They are using our information without our permission. The lab is not affiliated with any of these companies and did not test any of these devices. We advise people to test its effectiveness on their own before using it. We do not recommend using a device without testing or FDA approval.

Oct 03

JABIL visits GREEN Lab as part of its research partnership with USF

Aug 20

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Aug 12

Aug 02

Vlad Paley joins our group as a PhD candidate. Welcome Vlad! 

Sureh Choudhary joins our group as a graduate student. Welcome Suresh! 

Sriram Krishnamoorthy joins our group as a graduate student. Welcome Sriram! 

Neha Saste joins our group as a graduate student. Welcome Neha!